William Rudenmalm Högman

About me

I'm an entrepreneur working primarily in the consumer web space. I enjoy building consumer facing web experiences. I'm currently working on two commercial projects: Awezone, a content aggregation site, and another start-up in the payments space, that is currently in stealth-mode. My other interests include psychology, statistics and machine learning.

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I'm working on


Node.js to Python interoperability

Quite a few useful web-development tools are written for Node.js. This makes it hard to integrate them with scripts written in Python. Noderunner aims to solve this by providing a pythonic way of interfacing with javascript code.

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Other projects


Replacing passwords with QR-codes

Instead of having to type potentially long password, on a tiny smartphone keyboard, with QuickerAuth the user simply points his or her smartphone camera at the a QR-code displayed on the screen. The code, once scanned, is used to login the user to the service.

QuickerAuth is written in Python and provides a framework for a server-side implementation of the QuickerAuth system.

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Gamification primitives for Python

When adding gamification features to an existing app the majority of the time is spent writing logic for common game-mechanics. Operant aims to provide basic gamification functionality in a platform-independent way, because it shouldn't matter how you choose to store your data.

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