William Rudenmalm

William is an european technologist passionate about the next big thing and the people building. Among William's interests is scaling engineering organizations and navigating trade offs of architecture and velocity. William's expertise lies in distributed systems, scalability and machine learning. In terms of particular technologies, William enjoys working with Kubernetes, Rust, nats, Kafka and neo4j.

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My personal website

William Rudenmalm (@w_hgm) tweeted

If your code is perfect, your dependencies perfect, and your runtime perfect. You just might be using rust

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My blog called Will vs Technology

Updated Github repository williamhogman/typescript-template

Template for Typescript projects including Docker, CI/CD

Updated Github repository williamhogman/face-client

Face recognition in the browser

Updated Github repository williamhogman/rust-template

Template for Rust projects including Docker, CI, and commit hooks

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Tim Apple roasts the other Tim 😂 https://t.co/EIu2sWfGoD

William Rudenmalm (@w_hgm) tweeted

Not completely unexpectedly Estonia decides to build an over engineered vaccine passport based on a permissioned #blockchain. The rest of the EU went with tried and true #pki model for theirs. https://t.co/GpRAZ4wShN

Updated Github repository williamhogman/franz

Franz.rs is an opinionated Kafka library for Rust.

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GitHub Action for using kustomize set image

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Advent of Code 2020

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My dot-files and other configuration files